Get beautiful jewelry pieces and earn points on everything you buy. Spend 5 SAR and get 5 points. So, once you get 1,000 points, you’ll get 15% off of your next purchase for any item that’s 200 SAR or more.

You’ll also get bonus points on your birthday! In order to start earning points, you need to sign up and make an account with MOH Jewelry. The points you earn show up as coupon promo codes you can use at checkout.

  • Signing up at MOH newsletter (10% off on the first purchase)
  • Sharing photo of order and tag @MOHJewelry_w (10 points)
  • Submit a review to mohjewelry.com (5 points)
  • Refer a friend (5 points)

Become a Diamond Member
& Unlock Even More

Achieve Diamond status and unlock more perks when you spend 6000 SR in a year.

Gold Member

Maintain a minimum of
3000 points = 3000 SR spent
  • An annual member gift
  • Birthday discounts.

Diamond Member

Maintain a minimum of
6,000 points = 6,000 SR spent
  • An annual member gift
  • Birthday discounts
  • Free Styling
  • Free Shipping on orders over 250 SAR